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What's your story going to be? Zootown Interactive launches mobile social game Liners for Android and iOS.

Join creative forces with your friends to write dramatic, mystifying or just plain hilarious stories.

Missoula, MT - May 31st, 2013 Zootown Interactive today announced the immediate availability of Liners for both the Android and iOS platforms. Liners is a new idea in multi-player turn-by-turn mobile social gaming. Based on the surrealist parlor game Exquisite Corpse, Liners brings it to the modern age.

The magic of a new Liners story unfolds from a single opening sentence. From there, line by line, you and your friends add to the story. The catch? When it's your turn to write, you can only see the previous line, not the whole story.

Liners was born after realizing modern social gaming tactics could be applied to a simple but fun story game played with friends and families throughout the years.

Merging the two ideas with the desire to build a mobile application for the iOS and Android platforms was the impetus to take on this challenge.

The ultimate goal with Liners is to innovate new ideas around creative collaboration and package it in the best possible user experience.

Liners is free and available now for iPhone and iPod touch in the iTunes store at and in the Google Play store at

Contact: Tim Christensen, Founder & Mobile Engineer

Email: tim at


About Zootown Interactive

Zootown Interactive was born out of a desire to pioneer several ideas in the mobile application space and is the producer of an iOS and Android app called Liners.